Intuitive Anatomy

2020.06.20 09:00
2020.07.05 16:00
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This ThetaHealing® course-retreat will take you on a deep journey of exploration, healing and transformation. This course was designed by Vianna Stibal  to reveal and purify the largest amount of subconscious beliefs, free all energy for the conscious realization of the desired reality. After this seminar your life is just starting!

Time and Place: Summer 2020 in the authentic Lithuanian farmstead “Old Gegužinė” on Neris river in Gegužinė village, Kaisiadorys district. This farmstead is probably the best in Lithuania with Booking.com rating of 9.9 out of 10! Organizers can help you with all the transfers.

Translation: Possible translation to English and Russian.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Deep Digging. Completion of “Intuitive anatomy” is a prerequisite to participate in the following ThetaHealing® courses: “Diseases and Disorders”, “DNA 3”, “Planes of Existence”.

And one more thing: you have a great opportunity to attend “Planes of Existence” course right after Intuitive Anatomy class at the same location. Check the course!


ziuriu i toli

I – Journey

It’s a wonderful journey through the body systems and the cleaning of emotional stamps and negative energy that are found in the human body. Based on the understanding of the physical functions of the body, participants learn and practice an intuitive approach to anatomy. In the seminar we also explore vitamins, minerals and herbs that can enhance specific body systems. You go on this journey to discover in yourself a god who is within you and outside – in the whole cosmic consciousness.

II – Investigation

There is a small universe within each person, and this universe is identical to the infinite Universe, and it is within ourselves we find God and creative power to create. Infinity in us is the same as on the outside! By joining with the infinity of Seventh plane, you will also reach out to infinity in yourself. This seminar is the study of your body. You dive in your body intuitively establishing a contact with each body part and system.

III – Healing

Here you will find beliefs about specific body systems and physical diseases, disorders. During the training, you will practice both self-healing and work in pairs, and you can change the beliefs that are causing the disease to health programs.


  • You will be able to see clearly within the human body: you will be fascinated by the beauty and magic of the human body. Raising scan inside the body practice, you will realize how much space and energy in the body takes a destructive emotions
  • You will many times improve the ability to help others and yourself: You will find out in which way the illnesses are related to the expression of emotions, and how emotions signal the imbalance in your body
  • You will learn all the secrets of the intuitive session and instant transformations: You will transform your approach to many of your past events.
  • You will grow up your intuitive vision at least 10 times: Global visibility will change, horizons will grow, you will learn to see huge new opportunities and use them
  • You will touch ALL areas of your life! By working with the body, you will be able to discover and clean most of the subconscious blocks, blocking your success, full health, happiness and mutual love.
We will work twice a day with beliefs that limit  us and prevent us from moving forward.
Each day we will scan and examine one of the body systems. We will learn to see them, listen to their sounds, recognize the convictions related to a specific system and transform them.
We will learn to see viruses, microbes, fungi and toxins in the body. We will study how to work with them and transform.
We will grow up our intuitive capacity at least 10 times.
The course is held by Inga Heron, a certified ThetaHealing® Master, instructor – teacher, who has the highest ThetaHealing qualification in the Baltic countries, she has ThetaHealing Certificate of Science; founder and leader of the Theta Club, a professional ThetaHealing® practitioner and coach with more than 18 years of teaching practice. Conducts seminars, meditations and consults people around the world.


Hi, I’m Inga and I invite you to know yourself.

Let’s start with the fact that the Creator and your parents gave you a great gift – your life! Love your life every minute, cherish it and make it the most beautiful for yourself. It is in your hands. Don’t give up!!! Always know that the biggest trips start from the first small step. Do not be afraid and step it, because loving yourself is your main task. Let’s meet at the seminar and start the Great Trip to Yourself!

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