Disease and disorder

2019.03.18 16:30
2019.03.28 22:00
10 days
Saint Petersburg
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This 2 workweek-long (10 day) intensive will prepare you for the mastering of ThetaHealing®. You will reveal and release limiting beliefs and fears, related to multiple diseases and disorders, that may be interfering with your transformation. Recommended for alternative practitioners and medical specialists. Prerequisites: Basic DNR, Advanced DNR, Dig Deeper, Intuitive Anatomy. Course will be conducted in Russian.

I – Unity

Beliefs, emotions and diseases are related. Contemporary medicine only now is discovering that physical body, emotions, thoughts and spirit are interrelated. In recent 5 years a wave of books such as "Your body can talk" and "The wisdom of your cells" inspired our generation to look at oneself in a different light. This ThetaHealing course not only offers advise for the healers, it creates the space for the expansion of one's intuition and mastering the art of transformation as well. This course covers the systems of the human body, heavy metal poisoning, more than 100 diseases and disorders, herbs and minerals. This is a wonderful time for everyone wishing to become true professionals of transformation.

II – Freedom from fear

This course will help participants to solve one of the biggest challenges that healers face while helping people with diseases and witnessing swift transformations. That challenge is fear - fear of disease, fear to get infected, fear of inadequate potential. Did any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind: "If I touch anybody with AIDS - I would get infected", or "If I work with a person that has a flu - I will get sick too", or "It is impossible to treat cancer", or "It is more difficult to treat cancer than a flu"? These are only a few hidden beliefs that you might hold. These limiting beliefs restrict your potential to help yourself and others. Vianna once told in a course: "If a healer is afraid of the disease, fast transformation will not happen. This course will help you to reveal the intrinsic fear of the illness that you hold, so you would have the power to release it as a result. Sometimes a person holds so much fear in his unconscious collective and genetic belief system, that he in incapable of reaching the energy of the Creator." This course will help you to identify your fears, solve them and make yourself a stronger practitioner, who has the power to direct more of the Creator's light to increase the magic.

III – The whisper of the body

One of the most beautiful skills that you will reveal in this course is the ability to hear the whisper of your body. You will learn to communicate with the organs of your body and diseases as if you were talking to a human being. This skill reveals itself once you allow your intuition to develop to the point at which you may ask your disease such questions as "why are you here?" or "how long have you been here?". The diseased area will respond in pictures, symbols, memories, or even with a whisper of the belief or event that formed the disease. Every illness or disorder has an identity and a journey, just like you do. When communication is happening, you start to realize that every part of human body is conscious and alive. In this course you will also learn the best way to communicate and be friends with your body for the rest of your life.

  • You will improve your ability to help yourself and others multiple times: you will discover and transform hidden belief systems, preventing you from witnessing healing and transformation
  • You will learn all the secrets of instant transformation and intuitive session: you will transform your attitude to many collective and genetical beliefs
  • You will grow your intuitive abilities at least 10 fold: your world-view will transform, your horizons will widen, you will learn to see and understand the whisper of human body, you will tap into an enormous potential of mastery and you will be able to apply it


На этом курсе: в течение 10 дней проводится работа с блоками, которые препятствуют исцелению заболеваний.

Участники тренинга Болезни и расстройства узнают:

  • основные причины самых распространенных заболеваний,
  • познакомятся с физическими, эмоциональными и ментальными аспектами заболеваний.

What's the result?

All the 10 days of the course you will be working with the limiting beliefs that prevent you from witnessing the transformation of yourself and others.

You will learn to understand diseases and disorders from the intuitive perspective. We will discuss illnesses, that Vianna is familiar with, so that we may discover physical, psychological and emotional aspects of them. For ex., heart related problems may be associated with the problems with love, and the diabetes may form as a result of lack or resistance to joy.

You will find out how the feelings, emotions, beliefs and programs have a dramatic impact on behavior and the state of the physical body on the cell level

You will reveal programs, belief systems, intuitive insights, healing methods and tools that help in the process of transforming certain diseases and disorders

The seminar is held by Inga Heron, a certified ThetaHealing® Master,  instructor – teacher, who at the moment has the highest ThetaHealing qualification in the Baltic countries, she has ThetaHealing Certificate of Science; founder and leader of the Theta Club, a professional ThetaHealing® practitioner with more than 18 years of teaching practice. Conducts seminars, meditations and consults people around the world.


Hi, I am Inga and invite you to know yourself.

Let’s start with the fact that the Creator and the parents gave you a great gift – life! You can love your life, cherish it and make it the most beautiful for yourself. Always know that the biggest trips start from the first small step. Do not be afraid and step it, because loving yourself is your main task. Let’s meet at the seminar and start the Great Trip to Yourself!

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