Planes of Existence ThetaHealing seminar

2022.06.29 09:00
2022.07.03 16:00
5 days
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Seminar – camp of ‘’Planes of Existence” – is an inexhaustible source of philosophy that is the basis of all ThetaHealing courses.

This course really enables us to understand the whole magic of who we are and what the universe is.

Location: Palanga, Zuvedra hotel

Translation: Possible translation into English and Russian (Возможность перевода на русский язык)

Requirements: Seminar ‘’Planes of Existence” is only available to those who have completed the ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy seminar. You may complete Intuitive Anatomy course right before this class at the same location! Check Intuitive Anatomy course.


ziuriu i toli


We will be deeply acquainted with every plan of existence, and we will experience the magic of each of them. Let's get to know ourselves as never before, and let us deliberately move forward in the areas of knowledge and skills, getting back great parts of our soul knowledge.


We will also learn about a special way of working with convictions that quickly and easily solves and changes the difficulties of our lives, returns to us our spiritual abilities and teaches new ones.


We will make some special trips with crystals that will allow us to heal fundamentally and feel the full depth of the seminar.
This seminar really allows us to understand the whole magic of who we are and what this universe is. Here you will travel through the dimensions beyond this universe … to what Vianna Stibal calls the beginning of life, and you will join the primary divine energy.


  • What is the ThetaHealing philosophy?
  • Why do we work with convictions?
  • What do all religions and sacred books mean when talking about values ​​and sins?
  • What significance does it have for me and my desire to live the way I want?
  • Why is this knowledge the key to everything we want to achieve in this life?
  • What is the significance of value-based thought and what does it open to us?

In this course, you will:

Experience the connection of the Seventh existence plane with the Creator of All
In the sixth plane you will learn the laws and values of wisdom
In the fifth, in the plane of angels and Ascended Masters, you will know the dimensions and alternative realities
In the fourth plane you will know the ancestors and the teaching
In the third plane you will understand why we do what we do
The second plane will reveal plants and their healing properties
The first plane will open rocks, minerals and Earth and its records and start your own mastery acquisition process
The course is held by Inga Heron, a certified ThetaHealing® Master, instructor – teacher, who has the highest ThetaHealing qualification in the Baltic countries, she has ThetaHealing Certificate of Science; founder and leader of the Theta Club, a professional ThetaHealing® practitioner and coach with more than 18 years of teaching practice. She conducts seminars, meditations and consults people around the world.


Hi, I’m Inga and I invite you to know yourself.

Let’s start with the fact that the Creator and your parents gave you a great gift – your life! Love your life every minute, cherish it and make it the most beautiful for yourself. It is in your hands. Don’t give up!!! Always know that the biggest trips start from the first small step. Do not be afraid and step it, because loving yourself is your main task. Let’s meet at the seminar and start the Great Trip to Yourself!

What is included in the price?

Seminar - camp

5 day-long seminar - camp and an international ThetaHealing® practitioner’s certificate.

Lodging and catering *

* Accommodation and meals are not included in the price of the event.

Hotel "Žuvėdra" will apply special discounts for the participants of this event:

Double - 81 EUR / day with breakfast for 2 people;

Superior double - 108 EUR / day with breakfast for 2 people;

Apartment - 144 EUR // daily with breakfast for 2 people.

These prices are valid only for those who have registered and paid the organization fee with a special promo code (it will be available after payment by e-mail)


75 % of the seminar is dedicated to practice.


After completing ThetaHealing® course, you will receive an international certificate issued by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge – Think (USA).

Full Price

920 Eur

Early registration price

780 Eur

Loyalty discount

50% from full price


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  • The registration fee is included in the course price, but it is non refundable, cannot be given to another participant or used for other courses or dates. Registration fee will be returned if seminar is canceled.
  • A special scholarship: if you collect a group of 5 people, you will be granted a 70% discount, if you collect a group of 8 individuals, you will be granted a 100% discount (contact info@tetaklubas.lt).
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