Theta Club meetings are meant for ThetaHealing® practitioners who want to use this unique method in their everyday lives. This time and space is devoted to people who want to know themselves and love themselves in joy and in a friendly and warm atmosphere. The meetings are for those who cultivate their consciousness and want to live life from the heart.

During the meetings, you will discover your authenticity, unveil your hidden abilities, see your real dreams and find the power in you that you will use to make your dreams come true. You will know yourself, your wisdom and find ways to create and foster healthy and harmonious relationships.

The meetings are moderated by Inga Heron, ThetaHealing® practitioner and instructor-teacher.

While talking and meditating, you will share your experience, inspire others, solve old problems that cause you sadness, grievances, regret, and will get positive energy, know ThetaHealing® more and finally will get to know the Crystal puzzle method. The meetings are practice that will change you and your reality.

Registration in advance is required.

Place: P. Vileišio st. 14-1, Vilnius

Time: Thursdays from 6.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Duration: 2.5 hours (including a tea break)

Investment: 10 Eur

Open Theta Club meeting in Vilnius

You are going to learn theta meditation, which is the first step in transformation process. For those who already practice ThetaHealing – it is a great opportunity to systematically polish diamonds of consciousness and subconsciousness. During a group meditation you will be able to heal any area of your life. You will remember an access to the real wisdom, which is inside you.

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