WHAT IS ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing® is a method of meditational practice and instant transformation. It is based on theta brainwaves that connect us to the energy of the whole existence and to using the energy of life and creation.


With this method we remember that we are always connected to this energy (however we may call it) and that it basically is unconditional love.

Here you will discover:

  1. Why ThetaHealing is useful for you?
  2. What is happening during a ThetaHealing Session?
  3. What is the origin of ThetaHealing?
  4. How does it work?
  5. What is ThetaHealing?
  6. How may I get a ThetaHealing consultation?
  7. What are ThetaHealing seminars?


Physical health

Reach higher level of well-being and health;
Heal diseases and disorders.

Emotional health

Heal trauma and emotional conditions;
Get free from fairs and phobias;
Get free from your habits and dependencies.

Abundance and success

Create wealth and abundance;
Discover an ideal career for you; Empower your creativity.

Inner beauty

Increase trust and self value;
Create strong and accordant relations;
reach personal freedom;
Manifest your dreams.


Attract and maintain your soul partner;
Develop your physical and intuitive abilities;
Deepen your spiritual connection;
Unlock your genius potential.

What is happening during a ThetaHealing session?

During a ThetaHealing session theta practitioner will define, what main believes keep you attached to your physical or emotional problem.


All this would be done intuitively during a “digging”. “Digging” is a method, used for a work with layers of believes in order to discover the core believe. When the core believe is changed, all believes built on it will collapse and free you from limitations without a need to experience traumas from the past again and again.


Using a muscle test, practitioner will test if your believes have gone. This will also prove, that believes have transformed. ThetaHealing sessions are usually 30 to 60 minutes long. Number of sessions needed depends on a complexity of the problem. Most problems could be solved in one or two sessions, but some require more time.


You do not need a special preparation. You may even doubt, that it is working. It is useful to tell about your doubts to a practitioner, because it will help to work with you in this area. Most healings are spontaneous, when healer solves doubts of a client. It is worth to drink more water before a session in order to keep your body hydrated. It will help for a muscle test. All changes will be done just with a permission of a client – ThetaHealing works just when a client express his/her approval. Confirmation “Yes” means conscious preparation to accept a new reality.


Your practitioner will create a safe and supporting space, where you will be able to research any area of your life, which you want to change. Also, in order to improve your health and well-being, you may work with anything: from finding of your soul partner to creative freedom or growing your business. Possibilities are endless!


Origins of ThetaHealing

Founder of ThetaHealing Vianna Stibal is originally from Idaho Falls in US. She maintained her innate intuitive abilities and strong connection with God. She has been successfully working as a naturopath and intuityvist.

In year of 1995 Vianna was diagnosed with cancer in a lymphatic system in her right leg. She has been said, that she would live just several months. She suffered a big pain and it looked,nothing will help, but deep inside she believed, that she knew how to heal herself. She has been deepening her intuitive readings at that time. in order to see a body from inside, she used a method of visualization, in order to enter a space of a person through the Crown chakra at the top of a head. Being in that state she was able to communicate with a creator and get answers to her questions.

One day a man suffering from strong back pain visited her. Vianna asked Creator to remove pain.
A pain has gone immediately. Next day she repeated this procedure on herself. Her right leg, which has been 3 inches shorter than the left one, immediately returned to it’s normal size. Pain has been gone and the leg has been healed. Her legs are fine now and she doesn’t have cancer anymore.

Since then Vianna travels the World teaching people, how to use this powerful technique for life transformation.She created and perfected ThetaHealing method, which helps to heal diseases. ThetaHealing now became one of the fastest and the most effective ways of healing. Currently she and her children are the only ThetaHealing teachers who train instructors. Vianna lives in Bigfork, Montana, travels the World, teaching new Teachers, sharing her knowledge with them.

How does it work?

Vibrations of the human brain are classified into five main types – Gama, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta). Theta wave is dominating before a sleep, during hypnosis or deep meditation.
Scientists defined, that Theta wave reduces stress, anxiety, helps to reach a state of a deep relaxation, improves psychic clarity and creative thinking, reduces pain, induces euphoria and provides a possibility for a fast healing.
During ThetaHealing practices, brain switches to a Theta wave state. It is state, where you may work directly with the Source, Spirit, Universe, God or Creator of All it is (depends on your spiritual or religious believes), easing a healing this way. Everyone can learn to reach this state in minutes.

What is ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing is an efficient method, which combining science and spirituality, seeks to define and immediately transform deep blocks, negative believes and traumatic experiences, residing in subconsciousness.
More and more people tend to accept an idea, that our mind create our reality. Movies like “The Secret” and “The Bleep We Know” researched a theory, stating, that outer reality is created by our inner experiences. New findings in quantum physics and DNA researches support this theory.

Scientists like dr. Bruce Lipton revealed, that genes / DNA doesn’t control our biology. Instead of this, DNA is controlled by outer signals, including energy messages received from our positive and negative thoughts. In other words, physical sickness or unsatisfactory first of all exists on energetic level as a direct result of our  thoughts, memories and emotional state.

Our worldview consists of believes: opinions or decisions, what we accept as a true. Our believes impacts our minds both on conscious and subconscious levels. It also impacts our behavior and our relations with other people and the World. Some of our believes come from group consciousness or dominating paradigm, for example, believe, that “earth is round” (because earlier it has been considered to be flat) or that some certain sickness is incurable. Other believes such as cultural, are being inherited from previous generations. Genetic believes reflect experience and worldview of our ancestors and may contain things like prejudice attitude or believes such as “all or nothing”. By evaluating and interpreting our life experiences we form our own believes. Those believes are mostly on conscious level and may contain such things like “I am talentless” or “I must help others first”. We even may not understand and impact of our believes for everyday life, but it will appear as physical or emotional conditions, blocks, fears, phobias or dependencies.

ThetaHealing works immediately, transforming negative models of thinking or believes on all levels (including also a DNA). You are provided with a possibility to recreate your life exactly like you choose.

Another great thing  about a ThetaHealing technique is a possibility to teach a client to feel what he/she has been unable to feel before and immediately expand emotional choices. For example, if a client has a believe “I am unsuccessful“. In this case you can teach him/her to live without this feeling of unhappiness, you may teach him feel happiness and joy.
ThetaHealing is a technique/method and not a religion. Also it is not related with any kind of religious doctrine. It goes along with all spiritual or religious believe system. Even if you are not sure what you believe, ThetaHealing will be efficient!

How to start your journey to Theta waves?

Visit an Open ThetaHealing Meditation Evening

Once per month (most often it is the last Thursday of a month) meeting of a Theta club are open for everyone.

More information about the nearest meeting and registration

Meet a ThetaHealing practitioner for a healing session

If you already suffer from some emotional or physical disorders, fears, register for a consultancy session with a ThetaHealing practitioner.

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Master ThetaHealing by yourself

If you want to learn ThetaHealing method, be able to help yourself and others, release from blocking subconscious believes, register to a ThetaHealing Basic DNA seminar.

More information about the nearest seminar and registration

How may I get a ThetaHealing session?

You may unsure about a need of a healing session. It is not necessary to thing if ThetaHealing session is effective or not. Most practitioners have customers around the World. They communicate online using Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc.) or in a private meeting offline. The truth is, that even if you are not at the same premises, healing happens remotely – wherever it is 1 millimeter or 10 000 kilometers – it doesn’t matter. There are some people, who better prefer to be at the same room with a practitioner – it is their personal choice.

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What are ThetaHealing seminars?

ThetaHealing DNA 1 (Basic) – It is the very beginning – the base of all other seminars. You will learn to “connect” with Creator, release believes, “dig”, change believes, find out about seven planes of existence and more.
ThetaHealing DNA 2 (Advanced) – This seminar is dedicated for deepening of a connection with  a 7th plane (Creator of All it is). This plane release from obstacles, resistance or denying of your abilities and right to reach and connect with a pure energy of the Source. This concept is divided into planes of existence, where limitations of every plane are being revealed and transformed, revealing our real I.
Dig Deeper – learning how to use one the most powerful tools of ThetaHealing. It is a seminar which will change the results of your healing.
Manifesting & Abundance – This seminar has been created in order to ease deep and effective manifestations using tools of Creator.
Intuitive Anatomy – It is 15 days seminar where you will learn about body systems and learn how to heal them.
Disease and Disorder – seminar created according to Vianna’s great list of different states, which has been developed in 10 years of her practice (10 days).
DNA 3 – Deepen your connection with the 7th plane (5 days)
Game of Life – Learning to be successful in your game of life (3 days)
Planes of existence – One of the newest seminars allowing us to connect with a divine plane and release difficulties, fights and sicknesses. (5 days)
Rainbow Children – Start early, teach kids to value, use and develop their divine connection. (Different duration)
World Relations – Find out limitations and believes of your ancestors about culture. (5 days)
Seminar „Animals“ – class about how to use ThetaHealing for a work with animals (1 or 2 days)
Family Ties – Your believes – chosen by you or inherited by you, your family (2 days)
Free Yourself from Addictions, Attachments and Vows – Remove limitations and open your system (4 days).
Forgiveness, Love and Power – Allows for personal power to flow into our lives. (3 days)
Karma Breakthrough – You will learn about secrets of Karma Lawin this seminar (4 days)
Seminar „Plants“ – Find your inner balance with a nature. (1 day)
Rhythm of Your Right Weight – Find our the true rhythm of your life (1/2 days)
Soul Partner – Master yourself in order to attract the right partner (2 days)
Think What You Think – Minds – are your connection between our subconsciousness and reality around us (2 days)
Wealth Consciousness – Switch to “Well-being/Wealth Consciousness” thinking. Thinking of people attract or push away wealth. (3 days)
You and Your Significant Other (Grow Your Relations I) – growing of your friendship, intimacy and love with your partner. (2 days)
You and The Creator (Grow Your Relations II) – find a balance between your real I and ego (2 days)

ThetaHealing® – patented method

It is unique and reveals practical adoption of quantum physics, provides a possibility to use a sacred resources of our bran. It awakens your innate intuition, abilities for your spiritual and personal growth, healing of others and self-healing.

Term ThetaHealing is a brand, thus it is not translatable to any languages, like Apple, Pepsi, etc. It is often underlined by Vianna Stibal. Despite that in countries like Lithuania or Russia it is being often literally translated.

This method opens a totally different World for us with a great possibilities!

It is very simple, doesn’t require to refuse of other teachings or methods. ThetaHealing is superior to dogmas and cross the boundaries of all religions, but at the same time it is inline with most of them.

The success of this method caused a curiosity worldwide. There are thousands of ThetaHealing practitioners worldwide. They can easily help to heal and change people towards their better life.

After you learn ThetaHealing method, you will see, that every person has intuitive abilities, what could be used seeking spontaneous physical and emotional healing, change. Using this process, you may help yourself, your family and friends.

There is just one rule – believe!

ThetaHealing is a reachable miracle in your life, which will change your life forever!

Register to Theta Club’s seminars and experience, learn to use ThetaHealing method in your everyday life yourself.

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