Muscle test

Muscle testing is the practice of applied kinesiology

Have you ever experienced that an existing problem has become a real dilemma for you?
Maybe you’re “wandering between two loved ones,” as the old song sings, or maybe you already need to change your career, and you’re not sure which way to go, or maybe you need to find out if certain foods are the cause of your chronic fatigue. Any of your questions or problems can be answered or solved with a kinesiological – or muscle test.

Body language

A muscle test is a reliable guide for making big and small decisions.
Our bodies understand the energy of the Universe much better than our minds – and this is so long as we train our minds to be conscious. We are in natural harmony with our higher intellect, but most people either don’t feel their body or they don’t believe the body has its own language. Energy is transmitted through your body.
Have you ever felt heaviness in your stomach, or pressure in your chest when you were upset about something?
Do you remember the lightness of being, like walking in the clouds when you’re happy?
Have you ever felt a shudder knowing that “something bad has to happen” but you had no idea what…?
The above cases illustrate a person’s innate compatibility with the higher energy and its ways of communicating with you.
If you are in harmony with your body, then you will feel that he is talking to you all the time. A muscle test is a great way to harmonize yourself with your body. Through the body you harmonize yourself with the higher mind.


Everything in the universe is made up of energy packets vibrating at different frequencies. Different frequencies can affect each other.
You already know all this from your experience – when you enter the house you want to buy, you suddenly feel a bad “vibration”, and no matter how convincingly the real estate manager will persuade you, your opinion will not change. Or you were in situations where the negative or positive energy of one person suddenly affected the energy of the whole group.
Achieving harmony with the energy of the Universe with the help of the body can give you answers to your questions. With the help of a muscle test you will get energetic feedback on the questions yes / no; court / non-court; good / bad. The positive field of positive energy manifests itself as muscle strength; the negative energy field manifests as muscle weakness.

How to do a muscle test for yourself

You can take a muscle test for yourself at any time. One way, and as practice shows the most reliable, is to stand up so that the distance between your feet is slightly less than the width of your shoulders, knees untwisted. The posture is relaxed and balanced, allowing smooth movement in any direction. The test is performed with the eyes closed only. First, balance your body: with your eyes closed, say “Yes” out loud and gently let your body lean forward, then say “No” and let your body lean back.
Only then ask yourself a question by formulating it as a statement true / false; yes / no, for example: “this house is right for my family” or “this partner is right for me”. If the statement is true, your body – without conscious effort or judgment – will lean forward. If the statement is wrong, your body will lean back on its own.
Positive, positive, true statements have a strong energy field that will push you forward. Negative, sad, false statements have a weak energy field that will pull you back.
Do not use “no” particles. There should also be enough water in your body.
We can lie to ourselves and talk to ourselves about just about anything, whether it is good or bad for us (for our higher good). But the subconscious does not lie. He just can’t lie.
Our body does not differentiate between names for which our mind has ratings such as: good / bad; true / false – because we can again persuade ourselves to do a variety of actions that, as we know, do not serve our interests, but we justify them by rationalizing and naming it as “good” decisions about certain conditions, and so on. Things like “I really hate this job, but I earn well, which is why I’ll stay in this job” (knowing you’ll feel miserable all week and the weekend) instead of finding a job that will provide satisfaction and joy every day
Everything the body understands is energy, and energy is in every statement you create.

Decision making using a muscle test

Muscle reaction is a manifestation of intuition. It is the higher intelligence that speaks to you through your body. Having learned to apply this knowledge and apply it periodically, despite the fact that you are unsure of the situation, the quality of the decisions you make will change dramatically.
Many of the decisions we make are based on what we think we should do… but these “should” are not always in harmony with our superior good. So don’t be afraid to ask questions.
And more importantly, don’t be afraid to hear (the truth isn’t always what you want to hear) and act on your intuition. It won’t let you get off the road, even if you can’t believe it right away. When you start to see the positive results that have been obtained based on the decisions made in the muscle test, you will trust your intuition and how it speaks to you through your body.
A muscle test is a way to move forward in the way that works best for you personally at a basic level. You will be full of insight and inspiration as you begin to respect your body language, and you will be happier and happier more and more often in making decisions that are in harmony with your higher Self.

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