Theta Club offers these courses:

Basic DNR

The aim of this course is to help change our consciousness in order for us to realize our full potential and make it our reality. This course is about consciousness and understanding that all of us are constantly connected on the levels of molecules and atoms. This opens and widens our reality, it gives us the understanding that there is no need to fight yourself. This is how the duality fight ends. The almighty universal energy is inside of us waiting for us to discover it! Read more


This course is for advanced theta practitioners. During it not only we recall our healing skills, we also start consciously and purposefully applying it. In this course our attention is shifted from one person or a group of people to the changes and healing of the Planet. 5 days of impossible becoming possible! Read more

Advanced DNR

For those of you, who would like to reveal your inner power, understand how it radiates into the world, how it extends, absorbing all the levels of existence, and connects with the infinite creative energy of the Universe. In this course you will expand your knowledge of ThetaHealing techniques, learn to end contracts that hold you on a certain plane of existence and impede you from being united with unconditional love. Read more

Dig deeper

Many students, who have graduated from Basic or Advanced ThetaHealing courses, face challenges in their process of digging deeper. As a result they might even choose to abandon this practice. Frankly, digging deeper is not an easy method. However, it is an extremely powerful method. Thus, if you would like to become the master of digging deeper into the subconscious limiting beliefs, this seminar is for you. Read more

Manifesting and abundance

I invite you to participate in this course if you would like to: discover new possibilities of your life; how to easily and simply manifest your desires and make them come true; to discover your Divine Plan and how to sync with it; to discover limiting beliefs that stop your dreams from manifesting… Read more

Intuitive anatomy

This event is dedicated to inner journey, research, healing and transformation. This is not a course on anatomy that we studied at school. In this course not only you will be healing the anatomical systems of your body, but also you will be transforming the subconscious limiting beliefs. You will discover the true reasons behind physical diseases and disorders, you will learn to transform them as well. Read more

Disease and disorder

This 2 workweek-long (10 day) intensive will prepare you for the mastering of ThetaHealing®. You will reveal and release limiting beliefs and fears, related to multiple diseases and disorders, that may be interfering with your transformation. Recommended for alternative practitioners and medical specialists. Read more

World relations

Would you like to get rid of behavior models that limit or block you? Get rid of something that you have inherited genetically or historically and that now creates unpleasant, painful and difficult situations in your life without you even being aware of it? Do you want to change your country, region or even the world by changing yourself? If the answer is positive, this seminar is for you! Read more

Planes of existence

Planes of existence is the source of the philosophy upon which all the ThetaHealing courses and books are based. Vianna was introduced to the planes of existence in order to realize that it is possible to create new realities in this life and to understand why she was creating difficult situations in hers.

This course is the metaphysics of quantum mechanics. Here you will be guided to the spaces that do not belong to this Universe… where, in Vianna’s opinion, is the source of all life.

Game of life

This 3-day course is one of the most fascinating and rarest of all the ThetaHealing® courses. It was created by Vianna Stibal in collaboration with Hiroyuki Miyazaki with the goal of uniting spirituality and business. It is based on real success stories and provides an opportunity to remove specific limiting beliefs and to consolidate hundreds of feelings to expand your success in life and business. Read more

Rainbow children

This course enables us to enhance and develop our intuition and use it consciously, revealing the secrets of clairvoyance, clarity, vision and future foretelling! Everyone can participate as it does not require previous knowledge of ThetaHealing methods. We all have deeply seated intuitive skills. And we all bring these skills into the world when we are born. However, not all of us have them developed at the same level. They deserve to be developed and trained, just like our muscles! Read more

You and your partner

This course was designed not only for couples, but everyone, who would like to expand and reach full potential of their connections, partnerships and intimate relations. “You and your partner” will help you to create strong partnership, strengthen it’s foundation, maintain the connection alive and harmonize your relations so that it supports your realizations. Read more

You and the Creator

This course will help you to communicate more clearly with the Creator and to accept with more confidence the information that He is sending. In this course you will get to know your true motivation and will learn to understand the true vibration of your intuition, which will help you discover that what you are searching for. Read more

Wealth consciousness

The goal of this course is to raise awareness so you can have abundance in all areas of your life. Balance is one of the most important aspects of success. To assure that you understand and accomplish it is the priority of this course. Read more