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This new ThetaHealing® course “You and your significant other: how to create harmony in your connection” is dedicated to your next step in your relationship, your evolution of creating unity. This course will be beneficial both for the couples as well as everyone, who would like for their relationships, connections and partnerships to reach their highest potential.

Here you will discover how to truly love another person and how to allow him/her to love you, you will learn how to remove the blockages and obstacles which were passed onto us by our ancestors. When we truly love ourselves, we reach another level of enlightenment. Would you like to find out how to live your life free from fear of love? Without the guilt in your relationships? Allowing to be loved by your partner? Join this course and you will learn.

Translation: Possible translation to English; Возможность перевода на русский язык.

Prerequisites: Basic DNR, Advanced DNR and Dig deeper.

What's the result?

You will understand why you experience tiring and torturous states in your relationship; why you have conflicts with your partner and why you blame him/her and yourself.

You will get to know and solve the real reasons behind disharmony in your relationship, interfering with the desirable bliss and justifying your acceptance of the things that you do not like.

You will discover why you feel lonely, with partner or not, and why it seems like  you do not have a partner with who you could dive into the waves of joy. You will realize why you observe with jealousy couples who radiate love and happiness.

You will discover why you are doubting your attractiveness, why you do not feel the joy of intimacy and possibly avoid more intimate contact with your partner.

The topics of this course:


  • Fear to love another person too much
  • Time dedicated to each other
  • The power struggles
  • The roles of feminine and masculine
  • My money, your money, our money
  • Relationship with the extended family of your spouse
  • Children. Children from your previous relationship
  • Sex, attraction, intimacy, friendship
  • The energetic field of your relationship
  • Mutual relationship and disease
  • Addictions
  • Mutual understanding
  • Solution of the problems as a team
  • Beliefs that destroy relationship
  • Nurturing of the relationship

In this course you will discover:

Many practices, an overview of your relationship, testing your beliefs and releasing them.
The specific properties of the left and right brain and how to balance it.
Charging special powers and feelings.
Experience deep insight into the reasons behind your actions, which impact your relationship.
Attain the ability to create positive, desirable and successful relationship.
Will learn to see and correct the mistakes of communication as well as being with and next to another human.

What is included in the price?





85 % of the course is dedicated to practice.


After completing ThetaHealing® course, you will receive an international certificate issued by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge – Think (USA).

Full Price

350 €

Early registration price

300 €

Loyalty discount

50% from full price



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