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2019.03.30 09:00
2019.03.31 17:00
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This course will turn you into a master of digging limiting beliefs. Possible translation to English; Возможность перевода на русский язык. Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA and Advanced DNA certificates. This course is designed especially for you:

I - Journey

To make you a master of digging deep using this practice easily.

II - Research

To discover the deepest beliefs that limit a person’s life.

III - Healing

To neutralize the limits in a person that do not let her/him take up a favourite job or live in abundance.

In the course DIG DEEPER, you will learn:

  • To change a life quickly and effectively.
  • To change limiting beliefs in all languages and to learn which beliefs cannot be changed.
  • To change the main belief so that it does not return.
  • To use the muscle test correctly.
  • To work on beliefs of a client with a multiple personality syndrome.
  • To ask the fundamental questions of digging deeper.
  • To integrate new emotions.
  • To provide “emergency help” without working on beliefs.
  • Eight quick ways of digging deep.
  • To transform obstacles and hardships.
  • To work on values.

What's the result?

Tou will become a master of digging deeper into the limiting beliefs of a human being

You will improve your ability to help yourself and others many times: you will find out in what way your beliefs impact your life and your emotions.

You will transform obstacles and difficulties towards the positive direction.

You will develop the skills of self awareness and self analysis, your worldview will change, your horizons will widen, you will learn to see new opportunities by at least tenfold.

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