You and Your Inner Circle

2020.03.14 09:00
2020.03.15 16:00
2 days
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The purpose of this seminar is to give you clarity and understanding of what should be part of your inner circle and how to work with yourself in order to start attracting you into your space, inspiring, loving and benevolent people and deepen your ability to rely on your intuition as well as see and understand the peculiarities of people who surround you.
The seminar is intended for holders of ThetaHealing® Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Deep Digging Certificates.


  • Be able to quickly identify the root causes of communication and collaboration-related issues, to know the mechanism of how to end recurring painful situations for good.
  • Harmonize the relationships with the people around them, to receive and correctly interpret the messages the others send.
  • Prepare for the deepest ThetaHealing® seminar that will soon be held. “You and Your Inner Circle” is one of the eight mandatory preparatory courses before ThetaHealing® DNA 4.


  • Different stages of mind: evolution within you
  • What stage of development are you at?
  • Who are you?
  • Your energy consumption
  • What kind of friends do you need?
  • What is your inner state?
  • What influences your decisions?
  • How does changing your friends’ places in your circle affect the quality of your life?
  • How to change your vibrations and mental state?
  • How to relax from tension?

• How to improve at any stage of mind and consciousness development?

Even if you live apart from the whole world in a secret cave, your thoughts touch other people. It doesn’t matter if you want it or not. Every life-sustaining action or decision you make supports the life of everyone, including yourself. And then the circles of our consciousness come back to us. Once upon a time, this statement was part of the metaphysics, now it is a scientific fact.

At the seminar you will learn about:

Different stages of the mind: the stage of the child, the stage of the parents, the crowning and the grandparents
Child's stage and its peculiarities in your current life
Adult stages and motivation or required incentives
Crowning stage and influence on the existing community
How to behave if you are a spiritual healer
What to do if you are constantly surrounded by people who need your encouragement and support
How to make the right choice, create and maintain your inner circle - the people around you, to feel fulfillment and energy balance
The Creator and your parents have given you a great gift – life. Love your life every second, cherish it and make it the most beautiful for yourself. It’s in your hands. Don’t give up!!! If you want to be healthy, beautiful and happy – work on yourself. Nothing is impossible – only laziness gets in your way. Dedicating a little time to yourself each day is no egoism. Loving yourself is your main task.
Inga Heron

At the seminar we will:

Review problem situations and change them
Analyze the stages of mind and consciousness development
Analyze the interpretations of friends' messages
Work with prejudice and subconscious programs
Get to know ourselves through friends and relatives that influence us
Examine the energies that determine your choices
Do exercises to help you understand your mental state and that of the people around you and the causes of these states
Fill ourselves with all-healing unconditional love
The seminar is hosted by Inga Heron, the most qualified ThetaHealing instructor in the Baltic States, awarded with the ThetaHealing Science Certificate, ThetaHealing master, founder and manager of Theta Club, Professional ThetaHealing® coach – practitioner with over 18 years of teaching experience. Inga conducts seminars, meditation sessions and provides consultancy all around the world.


Hi, I’m Inga and I invite you to know yourself.

Let’s start with the fact that the Creator and your parents gave you a great gift – your life! Love your life every minute, cherish it and make it the most beautiful for yourself. It is in your hands. Don’t give up!!! Always know that the biggest trips start from the first small step. Do not be afraid and step it, because loving yourself is your main task. Let’s meet at the seminar and start the Great Trip to Yourself!

What is included in the price?



norint myleti kita


75% of the seminar is devoted to practice. Must attend online LIVE, no recordings are provided and allowed.


After completing ThetaHealing® course, you will receive an international certificate issued by the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge – Think (USA).

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350 EUR

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